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How to help those impacted by Hurricane Ian

More than a dozen Red Cross volunteers from northern Ohio are in Florida helping set up shelters.

TOLEDO, Ohio — As officials continue to assess the damage Hurricane Ian has left in Florida, local volunteers are helping those impacted by the storm. 

Right now, the American Red Cross has 16 volunteers from northern Ohio assisting with relief efforts. As they help pick up the pieces of this storm, you can also help assist those who have lost almost everything.

As officials evaluate what exactly these victims need, a lot of it is based off of what they were able to bring with them, and what they left behind. An easy way to help is by donating to the American Red Cross, they have a Hurricane Ian fund specifically set up.

Donating physical items is not always a good idea because you don't know if those will actually make it down to the correct people as rescue efforts are still underway. Additionally, make sure when you are donating you are vetting the organizations you give to. The American Red Cross takes the donations they receive to buy supplies and other important things people in their shelters need.

"Those items people may have left behind, financial donations allow us to replace those items quickly and get those people started on the road to recovery," said Christy Peters with the American Red Cross.

Another way you can help is by donating blood. While the Red Cross prepared in advance for this hurricane when it came to having a reliable blood supply in Florida, they continue to encourage those who can to donate.

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