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Hidrent App links you up with off-duty firefighters for help around the house

The app will connect you to a certified firefighter who is eager to help their community and make a few extra bucks along the way!

It's summertime, the season of getting things done around the house.

If you're looking for some help with your yard work or moving furniture, look no further than your local firefighters!

You can find them on a new app called "Hidrent," designed to connect you to local firefighters who are eager to help their community and make a few extra bucks along the way.

"Through Hidrent, we do odd-and-end jobs," said firefighter Tim Hoberg.

Hoberg is not stranger to using a drill, power saw and ladder, and he's utilizing Hidrent to use these talents to make some extra cash when off-duty.

Most firefighters work 24 hours a day, followed by 48 hours off. During those 48 hours, some seek out side jobs.

Dave Heimbuch, CEO of Hidrent, came up with the idea for the app when looking for an easy way for the community to reach out to off-duty firefighters to help with work around the house.

"Hanging a picture, moving furniture, cleaning the leaves out of your gutter, installing a ceiling fan, there's a variety of things you can have done," Heimbuch said. "You submit that job through our website and it will be sent out to all the firefighters near you."

Instead of paying high prices for a company to come out and do the work, he app gives firefighters an alert for jobs in the area - who are more than happy to help out.

"You can adjust it from a 10-mile radius to a 40-mile radius and you can also pick and choose what type of job you would like to do," said Hoberg.

The app can be download on any smart phone and is easy for customers to use. Customers like Carol Johns, who needs help around her new home.

And since the workers are certified firefighters, it gives her and other customers a sense of security.

"I feel comfortable with the Hidrent program because it's firefighters, you know, they're very reliable," Johns said.

That's what Hoberg likes about the app, too. It's just another way for him to serve his community.

"That's what I think is great, it's knowing that a customer is comfortable with me coming to their house and working for them," Hoberg said.

What you'll pay for the service depend on what job you need done. 

Check out Hidrent here

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