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Greenbelt Place Apartments fail HUD inspection, must make improvements

U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur said the complex received a 36 out of 100. A score of 80 is passing. The city filed a 72-hour nuisance order against the apartments last week.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A Cherry Street apartment complex recently given a nuisance order from the city of Toledo failed an inspection conducted by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

According to Councilwoman Vanice Williams, the apartment complex owners were at the site Friday today and spoke with city and state officials. U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, and a representative from Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown's office were also present.

Kaptur said that Greenbelt Place Apartments received a failing grade of 36 out of 100. A score of 80 is passing. Kaptur met Friday with several officials, including Rene Campos, general managing partner of Austin, Texas-based Eureka Holdings, the owner of the complex.

"Eureka Holdings now has a responsibility to bring the complex up to a passing grade of 80 or higher – within a period of time prescribed by HUD – or face serious consequences from the federal government," Kaptur said in a statement. 

"From the beginning, our top priority has been to protect the wellbeing of every resident of Greenbelt Place. After significant work from our partners at HUD, the City of Toledo, and Lucas County, we are beginning to see a path forward for the residents and neighbors in north Toledo. 

"After listening today to those whose lives have been disrupted, Mr. Campos committed to rectifying the serious documented issues that plague the property, and to partner with us to bring about tangible, systemic improvements to the operation and maintenance of the complex. While there is much work to be done, and a community-wide response will be necessary, we will not stop until every resident is able to live in the comfort and safety they deserve.”

While Greenbelt Place has 60 days to get things fixed before facing serious consequences from the federal government, residents still have to live there.

"Now I'm feeling like where do we go from here? Because basically, HUD is not funding us with the failing of the inspection," one resident said. WTOL 11 is protecting their identity because they have received threats for speaking out.

This resident was in a meeting with Kaptur and other elected officials and says it gives them hope.

"They did give us some valuable information and they did promise they would help. So... So far, so good," the resident said.

Another tenant allowed WTOL 11 into their apartment on Friday. 

They showed us outlets covered in duct tape so they aren't used due to fire concerns, a sink that needs a bucket underneath the pipes at all times and the ceiling beneath their second-story bathtub they say leaks every time it's used. 

That leak is right next to the unit's electrical box. 

Several residents also said they haven't seen work crews out since the flurry of activity right before HUD came to town for the inspection.

That resident also leaves before it gets dark to sleep at a family member's house because of violence concerns. 

They come back in time to get their kids ready for school.

Credit: WTOL 11

Last week, an inspection of the Greenbelt Place Apartments led to a 72-hour public nuisance order filed by the Toledo Department of Neighborhoods, dated Sept. 22. According to the letter, the conditions of the property at 800 Cherry St. in north Toledo "are an immediate threat to the health, safety or welfare of the public."

Greenbelt Place can appeal the inspection within 45 days. The city ordered certain fixes to be made within 30 days based on its inspection from last week.

In eight pages of inspection by the city's code enforcement inspector found that the Greenbelt Place Apartments had the violations of: 

  • Junk, debris, trash and litter on property
  • Inoperable/unlicensed vehicle(s) including trailers on property
  • Tires on property
  • Interior furniture on the exterior of the building
  • Repairs or replacement needed for: overhangs, brick sidewalks, doors, windows, railings, steps/stairs, siding, gutters/spouts, fencing

According to Toledo police, officers were dispatched to the complex 127 times between Jan. 1 and Oct. 5 of this year.

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