TOLEDO (WTOL) - Community members came together Wednesday to mourn the tragic loss of 16-year-old Alexia Carey.

She died after a shooting in east Toledo Monday, but her family and friends are remembering and honoring her life through a vigil. They are taking the chance to spread a message to the community and teens.

"Hear that? That's pain,” said Reverend Thomas Hutchen, a speaker at Wednesday’s vigil. “That's pain, that's real pain. That's pain and you know this kind of pain doesn't just go away."

An east Toledo neighborhood packed to honor Alexia Carey Wednesday night with a candle vigil and balloon release. More than 100 family, friends and neighbors gathered to honor her life cut far too soon.

Alexia’s family is not ready to speak at this time, but they were surrounded by so many wanting to support them.

“Here we are lighting this candle for this lost baby, these two parents are now struggling,” said Hutchen.

Community remembers Alexia Carey after east Toledo shooting

Alexia died on Monday after a shooting on Nevada Street in east Toledo. Police say they are still investigating the case, but it all stemmed from an argument on social media that escalated to a physical fight and ultimately a deadly shooting.

Speakers at Wednesday's vigil want to stop the violence and encouraged teens to strive for change in our community so no one else has to lose a child.

"You have to think of change because if not death is right around the corner,” said Reverend Thomas Hutchen. “Matter of fact, death is always right around the corner, but the choices that you make determine how quick it comes.”

Through tears, teens who attended the vigil were asked to consider their choices and how they impact others. They were urged to be different because right now so many are remembering and grieving the choices that took their beloved “LuLu".

Community remembers Alexia Carey after east Toledo shooting

As they continue to remember Alexia, police ask if you know anything about the incident that you call Crime Stoppers at 419-255-1111.