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AAA officials predict electric vehicles will soon pave the way for the auto industry

More and more drivers are going electric. At least that's what AAA is seeing.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Electric vehicles could soon be the future of the auto industry. 

That's the latest from AAA, as the roadside assistance company celebrates National Drive Electric Week. 

So, it's a good thing that electric vehicle charging stations are popping up everywhere, from rest areas to fast-food restaurants. Soon, even more will pop up across the state.

Ohio was just given access to federal funding to help build electric vehicle charging stations throughout the state. On Tuesday, the Biden-Harris Administration "greenlit" $1.5 billion to all 50 states, part of the $5 billion plan over the next five years.

Between higher gas prices and wanting to 'go green' to be more eco-friendly, Bob Kazmierczak, with the Toledo AAA location, said more and more drivers are going electric. In fact, a recent survey found that one-quarter of Americans say they would likely buy an EV for their next auto purchase. 

Kazmierczak explained as technology continues to evolve, it only makes sense for our vehicles to do the same.

"All the safety pieces, right? So, all the automated driver assist systems, the automatic braking and adaptive cruise control and crash avoidance," he said. "So, all of those things that we've been seeing come about over the years are now being rolled into one, which is really neat."

However, Kazmierczak said to make sure you're doing your research first.

"Make sure it fits your needs. Look at its charging capabilities, make sure that you have the ability to do so at home if that's possible," he explained. "Also, it may take a little more planning."

While we're waiting for those new charging stations to be built, he recommends downloading the AAA app and you'll be able to locate the charger closest to you.

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