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Local veteran building military memorial in Point Place

Nick Haupricht is a man on a mission and his motto is "no man left behind."

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A local veteran is trying to build a military memorial just south of the Lighthouse in Point Place.

Nick Haupricht is a man on a mission and his motto is "no man left behind."

For the last seven to eight years, he's spent countless hours researching the names of Lucas County members who have died in battle. He's trying to build a memorial honoring all of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.

Around 2010, the first plaque went up. Since then, plaques have been added gradually honoring all of those from Lucas County who have died in the Korean, Vietnam, and World Wars (to name a few).

Through his non-profit, historical organization Remembrance, Inc., Haupricht is trying to raise $116,500 to complete the memorial. To do this, the organization is selling $50 dinner tickets to their Medal of Honor Dinner November 3.

Medal of Honor Recipient Sammy Davis will speak at the dinner. You may know his story better through Tom Hanks portrayal in the movie 'Forrest Gump.'

Remembrance, Inc. also selling handmade, wooden nickels. The nickels cost $5 each. They need to sell 23,301 wooden nickels to finish the memorial.

When the memorial is finished, there will be a concrete foundation with the plaques up on curbs. A Huey helicopter will sit in the very center.

Haupricht explained how he'll celebrate when his mission is accomplished:

"I'm going to do like Clint Eastwood in 'Heartbreak Ridge' when he got all done, he reached into his pocket, pulled out a cigar, lit it up. And I'm gonna walk away and give it to the citizens of the United States of America," said Haupricht.

The military memorial is being built without any taxpayer money. If you'd like to support Nick's mission, you can donate or buy one of the wooden nickels or dinner tickets.

So far, Haupricht has been selling them by word of mouth. You can contact him at hauprichtn@gmail.com or PO Box 12345, Toledo, OH 43606.