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WTOL 11 Exclusive: James Worley interview

Anchor Melissa Andrews uncovers Worley's connection to a missing woman from Toledo. She asked him about her and other women in a one-on-one interview.

TOLEDO, Ohio — James Worley is most widely known for murdering Sierah Joughin, 20, in Fulton County in 2016.

He's currently on death row in Chillicothe Correctional Institute and is scheduled to be put to death in May of 2025 for that crime. But, the FBI, local law enforcement, Joughin's family and many in the community have lingering questions about whether Worley may have committed more crimes against women for which he was never caught.

We know he kidnapped Robin Gardner in 1990 and served three years in prison for that. But, what was he doing from the time of his release until 2016, when he killed Joughin?

Worley began writing WTOL 11's Melissa Andrews letters early in 2022. He sent Andrews a 105-page manifesto claiming his innocence in Joughin's murder. In that same packet, Andrews discovered the story of a missing woman to whom Worley had never been publicly linked. She began digging into the case and found Worley was with Claudia "Sissy" Tinsley, 24, just before she disappeared from Toledo in 1996.

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Andrews recently sat across from Worley at a small table, questioning him extensively about the Tinsley case and others for the hour they were allotted by the Ohio Department of Corrections.

She investigated the case with a Toledo Police Department cold-case detective and interviewed Tinsley's brother, who had never heard of a link between his sister and Worley.

Read the full story of Claudia "Sissy" Tinsley and her involvement with James Worley here.

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