TOLEDO (WTOL) - You have been working hard on that New Year’s resolution to get fit, and it can be tough to stay motivated.

But don’t worry: We’re here to keep you going, Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers and at-home players!

OK, SFWLC home team! Now that you are becoming more athletic, we need to keep you motivated.

We are showing you how to make healthy meals, giving you ProMedica Doctor’s Orders, and inspiring you with the crazy monthly challenges, but the only way you are going to drop those pounds is to eat healthier and move more!

Here are a few Trainer Tips to stick with it!

Starting a new workout routine takes organization and dedication. Super Fitness trainer Stephanie Strock has a few suggestions.

First, work out with a partner. This will make you accountable to that partner and you can remind each other to stick to your schedule.

Second, set goals. Make sure those goals are realistic. If you need help with your workout goals, ask your trainer. They will also push you a bit harder than you might push yourself.

Finally, get into a moderate routine for the first two months without any skips. Most people will get used to this routine after being dedicated to it for at least two weeks. Reward yourself after hitting those small mile markers.

Here’s one more thing, set small, measurable goals, on your weight or inches. Reward yourself when you hit these small milestones. I don’t mean with a hot fudge Sundae or a day off. Pick a small reward that continues to support your goal. Consider new workout gear, or maybe a massage! Then, get back at it!