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It's Girl Scout cookie season - Here's what you need to do to work them off

These are sweet treats, but be aware of what a serving size is. Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers show you what it takes to burn those cookie calories.

TOLEDO, Ohio — It's that delicious time of year again, Girl Scout Cookie season! The sweet treats provide an entrepreneurship opportunity for thousands of young Girl Scouts across the nation and a delicious snack. But, watch out for overindulging. 

This year's Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers are helping to let you know just what a serving size is, and how many calories you can expect each cookie to pack. Just keep these numbers in mind before you decide to sit down and polish off a sleeve of Thin Mints - and remember, the "thin" in that name just refers to the size of the cookie, not the effects of eating it!

For example, you'll need to bike at 12 miles per hour for 22 minutes to burn off two Samoas (150 calories).  One serving of Thin Mints (four cookies) is 160 calories. You'll need to jog at 5 mph for 18 minutes to say goodbye to those cookie calories. 

Do-Si-Dos provide 160 calories per serving (three cookies). You can walk for 30 minutes at 4 mph (a 15-minute mile) for 30 minutes. That's 10 minutes per cookie to wipe out those calories. 

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How do YOU fight cravings?

Brand-new this year, Lemon-Ups have 140 calories in each two-cookie serving. That will take 22 minutes of aerobic workout to burn off. You could also do 50 minutes of yoga to take out 140 calories. 

One serving of two Tagalong cookies is 140 calories. Try punching a heavy bag for 20 minutes to burn off those delicious chocolate and peanut butter delights.   

And if those shortbread Trefoils are your thing, you can eat five of them for one serving, equaling 160 calories. If you jump rope for 17 minutes, those shortbread calories will be short-lived. 

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