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SFWLC: Challengers end the year on Christmas Case Race

Challengers had to move a pallet of 30-pound boxes around the Super Fitness gym.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Over 60 Super Fitness Weight Loss Challengers were ready for the Christmas Case Race for their December challenge. 

WTOL 11's host of the challenge, Meteorologist Kelly Heidbreder divided the group in half and challenged each team to move a pallet of boxes around the Super Fitness gym.

"These boxes are filled with items for our Seniors in our community," says Kelly Heidbreder. "The Seagate Food Bank helps our neighbors that need supplemental food each month. These boxes contain peanut butter, pasta, canned vegetables, dry milk and many other things to help them through the month. And they are heavy!" 

Each box weighed about 30 pounds and with 50 cases to each pallet.

Each team had to move their entire pallet of boxes to the finish line. The circuit along the way is was built tough.

Challengers first started with a 25-foot rope pull, then grabbed their first box. They then ran a quarter down the track, set the box down and did 10 shoulder presses. 

After that, they pick up the box again and ran into the aerobics room for 10 box squats. 

Next, they ran to another station set the box down, and did ten lateral arm raises. 

After picking up the box again, they ran to the last exercise station and did ten curls. 

After the curls, challengers were on the home stretch. 

Once they found their pallet and they placed it in the final stack. The challengers had to keep going back to their beginning pallet and complete the circuit until all of the boxes were gone.

"This is a tough challenge," said Brent Hemelgarn. He is the manager of Super Fitness. "These boxes are pretty heavy and it takes a lot of stamina to keep a good pace and concentration to have good form on each exercise." 

Some challengers had to carry three boxes around the circuit for a tough total body workout. 

"We don't have just one winner in this challenge, we work as a team," said Super Fitness Manager Amy Hemelgarn-Marn. "It is truly amazing to see this whole group come together as a family on events like this one. They are all winners today."

"I still set the timer on each group," said Host Kelly Heidbreder.

As a result, the second team beat the first team, 10:28:48 to 12:24:13.

If losing weight is one of your New Year's resolutions, you can lose weight right along with our current challengers by finding tips and "doctor's orders" here. 

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