(WTOL) - You may be thinking about going out to eat somewhere with your special someone for Valentine’s Day this year.

But you might change your mind after reading how germ and bacteria-filled they can be.

Here’s a list of the 10 dirtiest things found in restaurants, according to The Food Network:

  1. Lemon Slices. The Food Network says lemons are on the list because their rind is rarely ever washed before being cut into, and that numerous lemons are cut up and stored together, causing them all to be contaminated.
  2. Seats. Restaurant seats rarely get cleaned, and more than 70% of restaurant chairs tested were found to have nasty bacteria on them, according to the Food Network.
  3. Salt and Pepper Shakers. Like lemons, Food Network says salt and pepper shakers are rarely wiped off in between customers.
  4. Ketchup bottle. If you think the ketchup bottle is safe, think again. However, the ketchup is a little bit safer than its salt and pepper counterparts, as they tend to be cleaned off more often, according to the Food Network.
  5. Tables. Since the ketchup and salt don’t get wiped off, you might thing tables contain less bacteria because they are wiped off between meals. But the Food Network says tables are still germ-filled because the rags used to clean them were also used on numerous other dirty tables throughout the day.
  6. Glassware. It’s starting to seem as if nothing is safe when you go out to eat. But the Food Network says to be mindful of where your waiter or waitress touches your glass when they set it down on your table. If they grab it by the rim, they’re just transferring whatever bacteria they have on their hands onto your glass.
  7. Bathroom floors. This one is obvious, but they are actually cleaner than you think. Food Network says this is because they are regularly cleaned.
  8. Faucets. The floors may be clean in the bathroom, but the faucets are one of the dirtiest places in the bathroom. Food Network says you essentially make your hands dirtier by washing your hands in public places.
  9. Doorknobs. This is also another one you probably already thought of, since countless people will be touching them every day. However, Food Network says like bathroom floors, these are regularly cleaned and may not be as dirty as you’d think.
  10. Menu. The menus may or may not be cleaned off between customers, or even at all throughout the day.