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Backpack brand JansSport looking for TikTok content creator, Chief Mood Officer

Here's your chance to become a TikTok content creator and get paid for it with the CMO position for JanSport!
Credit: Jansport FB

Backpack company JanSport is getting kids ready to go back to school in 2021 in a unique way.

The brand has created comedy series "Disorientation" that is made by Gen Z for Gen Z. The comedy will be hosted by drag queen Jan Sport and starring some of today's biggest rising comedians including Caroline Ricke, Jay Love and Noah Miller.

The four-part, ten-minute episode series of Disorientation strives to bring light-hearted humor to students following a year-and-a-half of anxiety.

Each episode of Disorientation features longform, original skits from each comedian, focused on different topics including back to school jitters, family drama with parents and quarantine woes. Jan Sport acts as the guide for the audience, introducing each comedian's skits.

The episodes will be released on JanSport's YouTube channel

  • Episode 1 (July 19):  The premiere episode of Disorientation features comedians Boman Martinez-Reid (@bomanizer) and Caroline Ricke (@richcaroline) in skits designed to provide Gen Z with the comedic relief they are craving in a riveting reality show format. 
  • Episode 2 (July 26): Opening with Teen Ramblings by Ashton Ray (@ashray), the second episode of Disorientation encourages viewers to throw their worries to the wind and laugh along with Jay Love (@FlossyBaby) and Coco Jones (@cocojones) as they share some relatable thoughts about school and pandemic life. 
  • Episode 3 (August 9): Kicking off with a monologue by Jan Sport (@janjanjan), the third episode of Disorientation features Brooke Averick (@ladyefron) and Ashton Ray (@ashray) who each remind us that even when life gets difficult or embarrassing, sometimes all you can do is laugh it off. Additionally, special guest Coco Jones sings a post-quarantine ballad titled, "Brunch is Back." 
  • Episode 4 (August 16): Beginning with Rich Caroline's ode to her JanSport bags, the finale of  Disorientation focuses on being optimistic in the face of the unknown following the unique circumstances of 2020, featuring comedy from Noah Miller (@nmillz1) and Charisma Stevens (@charismaticblackgal).

Now here's how you can get involved.

JanSport is looking for a CMO, or Chief Mood Officer, who can provide relatable comedy to the brand's social media feeds through the 2021-22 school year in the form of weekly TikTok videos.

The CMO will develop weekly TikTok content for the brand's channel inclusive of skits, creator interviews, product reviews and more.

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Posted by JanSport on Thursday, July 8, 2021

"We're looking for a Chief Mood Officer whose favorite pastime is sending memes to friends, is an authentic advocate for self-care and above all, is an embodiment of JanSport's mission," says Monica Rigali, head of marketing at JanSport. "It's not about how much they have on their resume, or what school they attend, but more so how they're able to relate to their peers in a creative, fun and authentic way."

The CMO will receive a comprehensive compensation package that will enable them to excel in their role inclusive of $3,000 in cash, $1,000 to put toward textbook payments, a monthly JanSport wellness package with new product and self-care items, and a home studio package to produce top tier content.

How to Apply for CMO

  • Post a TikTok tagging @JanSport with #ChiefMoodOfficer, explaining why you should be CMO 
  • Email jansport_pr@vfc.com with your name and link to your TikTok video 
  • Submit by August 2 
  • Applicants must be ages 16 or older

To learn more about Disorientation and how to apply to CMO, visit the JanSport website. For applicants under 18 years of age, guardian consent is required.