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D & D creator honored at archery event by his son

Hundreds of people brought bows and arrows to Tomahawk Archers in Temperance on Sunday to slay dragons over a thirty target course.

TEMPERANCE, MI (WTOL) - Sunday was World Dragon Slaying Day in Temperance, Michigan.

The motto: Impacting the World, One Arrow at a Time.

You may not know who Dennis Kauth is but you probably played or heard of the Dungeons and Dragons game.

Dennis was one of its creators and original artists.

"He was really nice. He had a funny mustache and kind of chubby. When I was little I laid on his belly," said Dennis' son Wyatt Kauth.

Dennis also loved archery.

He died in 2013.

That's why hundreds of people brought their bows and arrows to Tomahawk Archers on Sunday to slay dragons over a thirty target course.

Money raised is going to the Bedford Township Veterans Center.

"I wanted to spend time with my family and archery allows you to spend time with your family," said archer Ayden Gueldenzoph.

The dragon shoot is happening because of Wyatt, who is now twelve years old.

He believes everyone has a dragon in life to slay; be it drugs, alcohol or depression.

For Wyatt it was overcoming the grief of his dad's death.

"At my grief camp they asked me a question: 'If you were to have one holiday in honor of your loved one, what would it be?' Oh it would be a dragon shoot since my dad was one of the creators of Dungeons and Dragons," said Wyatt.

Talk about hitting a bullseye.

Last year seven thousand archers from 65 countries and 35 states slayed dragons by shooting at dragon targets.

"Our thought is why not do it together. Because it's a community building event. It's a bonding thing. I really think nowadays that's what we need now," said Wyatt's mom Dorothy.

Whether you're an archer or not, young Wyatt Kauth wants us all to keep in mind what he believes: Dream Big. Shoot Straight. Aim Small.