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Eviction notice filed against suspect 1 day before Monroe, Mich., officer-involved shooting

Simba Lion, 40, is in St. Vincent in stable condition after being shot by officers in return for firing upon them.

MONROE, Michigan — A suspect who fired at Monroe city police officers Tuesday morning is suffering from life threatening injuries after officers fired back, according to Michigan State Police. 

MSP on Wednesday identified the suspect as Simba Lion, 40. He remains at Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center in stable condition as of Thursday afternoon. The identities of the officers are not being released at this time, MSP said. 

According to court documents, Beal Properties filed an eviction notice against Lion on Monday, the day before the shooting. Lion had reportedly not paid rent and documents indicate he owes nearly $1,300. Lion signed the lease on June 6 and received the first notice of non-payment on Nov. 4. 

In a Tuesday afternoon update, MSP Lt. Brian Oleksyk said a maintenance man was at the apartment complex on Washington Street in Monroe Tuesday morning when the suspect, described as a tenant, had contact with the maintenance worker on site. The suspect identified himself on police radio traffic as "Simba Lion." 

The two had an argument and it turned physical. The maintenance worker saw a gun on the hip of the suspect. Two Monroe police officers responded to the building after two 911 calls were placed. 

When officers arrived on scene and attempted to make contact with the uncooperative tenant, the subject shot and struck two officers. The officers then returned fire and struck the suspect multiple times.

Both officers were taken to the hospital where they were treated and released for non-life threatening injuries. Lion was transported to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center with life-threatening injuries.

The investigation is ongoing, MSP said Wednesday.

The Monroe City Police officers were wounded in their legs and were treated and released Tuesday.

The incident happened around 9 a.m. at the Washington Arms Apartments in the 700 block of Washington Street. 

Monroe Police Chief Charles McCormick IV confirmed the officers were sent to the complex after an armed adult male had an altercation with a vendor doing some work at the complex.

Officers arrived to the scene and met the armed tenant in the hallway. Chief McCormick says a struggle occurred and the suspect fired shots at the officers. Police say the suspect was shot more than once.



5:35 "Copy on a weapons complaint."

5:46 "Be responding to 725 Washington Street. :49 725 Washington, cross of 7th and 8th. Apartment 317." :54

12:21 "One Adam, we have 'Simba' back on the line. Are you back out with the other party?" "We haven't made contact with "Simba Person"Still speaking to the people outside." :33

13:49 "We have a deputy on scene stating it's going to apartment." 56

23:54 "Shots fired! Shots fired!" 

24:05 unintelligible-- "Ambulance. Where's your ambulance?" 12

24:31 "725 Washington." " We need two ambulances right away!" "Clear. Two Ambulances." :37

24:40 "Suspect secured. We have an officer hit. 'L 3' has been hit" 44

24:52 "Subjects that have been shot, we need you to stage, the scene has not been secured. Your tone time is 9:28." :57

25:02 "Secured. 'L 3' has been hit in the leg. Suspect has been hit as well, multiple times." 06

25:14 "Provide as much medical as you can right now." 16

27:37 "We have two officers hit. They are both secure. We have a suspect hit multiple times. We're gonna need EMS to deal with him. and we're gonna transport the injured officers ourselves." 50


Witnesses say they did not know the suspect personally, but were aware that he carried a gun. Witnesses tell WTOL the suspect pretty much kept to himself.

One resident says the suspect was acting peculiarly the morning of the shooting.

"He just started acting really strange and saying, 'No, you got to do it this way,' so they came out and they called the police. And the police arrived and that's when multiple gunshots were heard," said resident Jona Feketia. "This complex hasn't got the best reputation, but as far as shootings I've never heard of no shootings here and I've lived here since 2016."

Chief McCormick says one officer who was injured is a supervisor of 17 years and one has been with the department for three or four years.

Monroe Middle School was on lockdown during the incident, but the lockdown was been lifted once the scene was secured.

Some areas around where the incident occurred were blocked off to traffic while police investigated. Drivers were asked to avoid the area for the time being.

Residents and family members who live in the building were allowed in and out of the parking lot.

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