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Local glass artist offers glass blowing classes

Ryan Poignon wants to spread the knowledge and appreciation of glass blowing thoughout the 419 area code

TIFFIN, Ohio — A local artist in Tiffin is working to keep the 419 tradition of glass blowing alive and well through glass art classes.

For four years, Ryan Poignon has been working out of a Perry Street art studio in Tiffin called the Poignon Project.

Inside, along with his workshop, visitors can purchase the original works of art, including hand blown glass pieces.

Ryan said as a Tiffin native, glass blowing was one of his first interests in art, and wants to share the technique with anyone who is interested.

As a result, he's offering glass blowing classes to the public. 

"We've had people make it a date night, or even factories or office workers looking for a holiday experience; somewhere to get together and make a fun night of learning and keeping the tradition alive," said Poignon.

Starting at $35 a person, those interested in the classes can schedule seven days a week, usually.

Along with the session and taking home the glass piece they make, class attendees also get a bit of a local glass history lesson as well.

"It's really important to get people in here and then understanding how the glass works, and what makes glass so unique," said Poignon.

Even if those who take the class don't continue making their own glass art as a hobby or eventual profession, Ryan hopes those who attend the classes can continue to spread the appreciation of an art form that was vital to the industry of the 419 region.

"Because there's people that set the stones way before us, and we're just kind of picking up where they left off," said Poignon.

For more information on glass blowing classes here at the Poignon project, you can either call (419) 618-6429, or contact them on their Facebook page.