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Professionals at Midwest Recovery Center have meetings available for anyone seeking recovery

Officials say it's important for the center to stay open through the COVID-19 pandemic

TOLEDO, Ohio —

Professionals at Midwest Recovery Center have meetings available for anyone seeking recovery. 

This center is a substance abuse and mental health facility that is open 24 hours for clients 

Matt Bell, the CEO of the center, said it’s important to stay open even through the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The chances of someone dying using drugs and alcohol are significantly higher than they are of contracting the COVID-19 so if you are there struggling: seek help,” said Bell.

In order to keep the clients attending meetings and practice Governor Mike DeWine's order of social distancing, they have made the meetings virtual. 

”Staff is still able to telehealth as well so some of our clients are still coming in to the treatment center. A lot of our staff are staying home which is a great thing, it decreases the amount of essential touching that would happen on a daily basis,” added Bell. 

As for the coordinators here at the center, they are happy to still be able to carry-on with the meetings.  

Trying to bring positivity and bring a perspective to our clients it can make them laugh a little through all the tough times I mean it’s tough what you’re going through as it is,” said Justin Krenk, lead care coordinator. 

Midwest Recovery Center is located on New West Road and it’s open 24 hours to answer any questions you may have. 

If you or anyone you know is interested virtual A.A. and family support meetings resources are listed below:


  • https://www.aa-intergroup.org/
  •  https://aachats.org/aa-meetings-online/ 
  • https://www.onlinegroupaa.org/


  • http://na-recovery.org/ 
  • https://www.intherooms.com/home/ 
  • https://virtual-na.org/

 Family Support:

  • https://al-anon.org/al-anon-meetings/electronic-meetings/ http://www.naranon.com/board/viewforum.php?f=1 https://www.familiesanonymous.org/meetings/virtual-meetings/