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RECIPE: Tuscan kale salad as seen on Good Day

Check out this summertime salad that takes only 10 minutes to make.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Check out this recipe for a Tuscan kale salad as shown by chef Jacquelyn Jones of Solfood Collective. The recipe makes four servings.


- 2 bunches Tuscan kale (stems removed, chopped)

- 2 tablespoons avocado oil

- 2 garlic cloves (minced)

- 1 can garbanzo beans (drained)

- 2 avocados (diced)

- 2 lemons (juiced)

- Sea salt and black pepper (to flavor)


1. Rinse kale and remove stems. Roughly chop.

2. Add kale to bowl, drizzle with two tablespoons of avocado oil, and massage until soft and pliable, about one minute.

3. Add two cloves of garlic and mix.

4. Top with one can of garbanzo beans, two avocadoes, and juice from two lemons. Salt and pepper to your liking. Enjoy!


- Jazz it up: Add more veggies like radish, asparagus, peas, cucumbers, and bell peppers!


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