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Gov. DeWine says he is concerned about kids' well being

The governor also discusses whether playgrounds will reopen soon.

TOLEDO, Ohio — Many local kids will get to rejoin their sports teams this week in a sign of progress. 

But the coronavirus is still affecting their lives in many ways.

Governor Mike DeWine shared his concerns about kids and families going forward with WTOL's Tim Miller.

Governor DeWine said playgrounds will remain closed because of concerns that one sick child could infect so many others.

DeWine says he will let health experts decide when they should be played on again.

That time is just not right now.

"There is some new information that we saw Thursday that seemed to downplay how the virus lives on surfaces. So again, I think we're waiting as that science continues to develop," Gov. DeWine said.

The governor is also very concerned about kids getting multi-system inflammatory syndrome.

It's a condition related to the coronavirus and causes fever, abdominal pain, vomiting and a rash. 

Gov. DeWine said there have been cases in Ohio, and he asked hospitals and doctors to report them to the state.

The governor also said kids' mental health must also be closely watched.

They haven't had that normal social interaction in school or even in their own neighborhoods. 

"So kids can certainly be impacted by this very much as well, so we just ask parents to be careful and to try to figure out other ways, maybe that child can communicate. There is still the phone and encourage that; social media," the governor said.

Even though BMV's are opening on Tuesday, DeWine said he's not ready to allow drivers exams to happen yet over concerns of state troopers or other instructors getting in different people's cars. 

Your teenager will have to wait longer, but he says something is coming "very shortly" on that.

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