TOLEDO, Ohio — Jeeps of every imaginable shape, size and color rolled through the heart of downtown Toledo Saturday spreading Jeep Pride.

Monroe Street downtown was lined with people of all ages. 

The parade attracted folks from across the continent and showed the great appreciation the people of Toledo have for the vehicle. 

"This is home of the Jeep and we love it. We want to keep it here. We're going to keep it here. Everybody comes from all over to see it. The Jeep plant is here. So they just love off-road courses and there's lots of Jeep clubs around that people can join, so a lot to get involved in," parade-goer Jordan Pitcock said. 

Meanwhile, the celebration extended to the Seagate Convention Center with folks showing off their own vehicles.

In display of more historic, rare or customized Jeeps, several dozen of these vehicles were lined together.

Some owners were quite excited to flaunt theirs. 

"It's the most adaptable vehicle on the market. If you just look at the ones in the parade and the parking lots, all of the accessories that you can put on them and a lot of the owner-made modifications and stuff are unlike any other kind of car company, vehicle out there," Bruce Schabeck, who built his own Jeep 33 years ago, said.  

The Jeep celebration in downtown Toledo continues through Sunday.