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Let the weather design your next knitting project

Knit-a-Long with Amanda and Diane explore "Temperature blankets," which incorporate a record of daily temperatures

TOLEDO, Ohio — It's a new year, and maybe you are still looking for a good crochet or knit project to keep you busy. Now is the perfect time to start a temperature blanket.

Temperature blankets are crocheted or knitted, and each row is specific color signifiying the temperature recorded that day. 

Each maker can determine which colors correspond to what temperatures. These blankets serve as a proxy record in scientific data, as scientists are able to look over the blanket and see warm or cold stretches, or if temperatures were above or below average.

Credit: WTOL 11
Pam Luna created a temperature blanket using weather data from 2021. Each color represents the temperature recorded for each day of the year.

Projects aren't limited to blankets as the same information can be made into a scarf, cowl, toy or whatever works for the maker. 

Also, temperature isn't the only element that can guide your design. Weather elements such as cloud cover, precipitation, snow or high and low temperatures can be used. 

If you get very creative, you can also use information such as the wins and loss of your favorite sports team or your daily moods to make a blanket. In the end, you are able to recap the year and see how it looked or felt or if it was victorious.

Credit: WTOL 11
Good Day on WTOL 11 viewer, Pat Hughes, made a Detroit Tigers themed temperature blanket. Each color coordinates with wins, losses, home and away games.

If you are looking to make a temperature blanket, we have an idea of ranges that could work for you.

90 degrees or above = Black
85-89 degrees = Dark Red
80-84 degrees = Red
75-79 degrees = Hot Pink
70-74 degrees = Orange
65-69 degrees = Yellow
60-64 degrees = Lime Green
55-50 degrees = Green
50-54 degrees = Dark Green
45-49 degrees = Teal
40-44 degrees = Light Blue
35-39 degrees = Blue
30-34 degrees = Navy
25-29 degrees = Dark Purple
20-24 degrees = Light Purple
15-19 degrees = Light Gray
10-14 degrees = Cream
5-9 degrees = Ivory
Less than 5 degrees =  White

Whether you make a temperature blanket or another project, we are always looking to showcase local maker's during Amanda and Diane's Knit-A-Long, each Wednesday on Good Day starting at 9am. Share an image of your projects on the "Near Me" tab on wtol.com or the WTOL 11 news app.

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