TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - Showing your Toledo pride by wearing Toledo-made T-shirts is the concept behind Now the owner is taking his business on the road, just in time for the holiday season.

Some of the Jupmode T-shirts represent Toledo nostalgia, such as Buckeye Beer and the Lions Store.

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Want something hipper? One shirt lets folks know you live in the '419.' And Austin Mayberry bought a shirt that reads 'Glass City' after seeing his buddy wear one in Cincinnati.

"Because I think Toledo is a great place. It's where I grew up and I want to support Toledo as much as I can," said Mayberry.

Owner John Amato has been selling the T-shirts for four years. He's expanding his company's retail model in a new truck, going to festivals, fairs and art walks.

The truck's first stop is the Shops at Fallen Timbers.

"The purpose of the truck is so we can go out and introduce these shirts to more people and spread Toledo love as far as we can," Amato said.

He has a transient vendor license to sell the t-shirts, but there is one problem. Amato is not allowed in downtown Toledo, so he misses out on the massive crowds going to hockey and baseball games, concerts and other well-attended events.

"Right now, the legislation is that only food trucks can sell [mobile] in downtown Toledo," he explained. "Obviously, that is a place I would like to sell. I hope to talk to people soon in order to do so."

One of Amato's shirts reads 'You Will Do Better in Toledo.' He thinks his T-shirt business will do better if he can park his truck in downtown Toledo.

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