School Dedicates Monument to Fallen Soldier


CLYDE -- Last night was a big night for high school football here in northwest Ohio.  But before the first snap for the game at Clyde High School in Sandusky County, an emotional ceremony paid tribute to a former player who gave the ultimate sacrifice for his country.  Family and friends came together to honor Lance Corporal Jeremy Shock.

Shock was killed in action last November in Iraq.  The young Marine was killed when he ran over a bomb while driving the lead vehicle in a convoy.

The tribute began at mid-field, as Shock's wife, parents, brother, and sister were given placques to recognize the sacrifice they have made.  Then a short procession off the field led to the nearby memorial site.  Clyde high school's football players also participated as a tribute to the fallen Marine, and to his brother Zack, who wears the same number his brother did 5 years ago -- #53.

The memorial features the Lance Corporal's picture and forever memorializes his dedication to his country.  It also honors clyde high students, past, present and future, who serve in the armed forces.  There was a moment of silence and the playing of Taps.

"It's bittersweet to have to do something like this, but I am just glad the people thought enough of Jeremy to do something like this in his honor," said Duane Shock, Jeremy's father.  "That means a lot to everyone in the family."

The congressman who represents Sandusky County says it was good to see people coming together to honor the fallen Marine.  Tragedy, he said, brings northwest Ohio people together.  "We saw just as recently as last week with the flooding that we had here, the way that people in our communities pulled together in a time of need."

"I'm sure he's smiling now on all of us because football meant a lot to him," said Duane Shock.  "He loved playing football and playing for the Clyde Fliers was something he really enjoyed."

Posted by AEB