Cigarettes too unhealthy to sell; Pay child support or get married

Grocery refuses to sell cigarettes

All seven Hiller's Markets near Detroit will stop selling cigarettes even though there are still other unhealthy products on store shelves. Management decided cigarettes go against the Hiller family's "commitment to this community and its future."

Is it a good idea to improve people's health or is the store trying to dictate what people can and cannot do?

Pay child support or get married

A Michigan dad is being given two choices -- get married or pay up. If Gary Johnson doesn't tie the knot, he'll owe almost $4,000 in medical bills for the birth of his daughter.

Witt was on Medicare when the baby was born, and state laws requre the dad to pay for the cost of a birth. But Johnson can avoid the bill if the couple ties the knot under an exemption in Michigan's paterinty laws. Lawmakers claim the rule is aimed at preserving the sanctity of marriage.

Is the law a way to get out of paying medical bills or is it a good way to encourage parents to get married?