EcoTrack 11: Zoo introduces toddlers to nature walks

Posted by SM

TOLEDO (WTOL) - You've heard the old saying, "It's never to early to learn," and that is certainly true in this case.

Our EcoTrack 11 report today takes us along with a group of toddlers learning about nature for the first time.

Kim High, a naturalist for Toledo Metroparks, tells us "they were first called lollipop walks then they were called talks and trails and now they're called toddler walks and they just are really meant to introduce young children to the natural area."

There are no TVs, no computers, and no video games. So what's so captivating about these walks? Nature!

"It's meant to be informal. It's meant to be nature play. The cut off age is 3 years old so it's parallel play and it's having fun and giving them a good response to the parks. That's the number one goal."

High also tells us, "It's my favorite walk of the month. It's so liberating to have a walk when young children are out there. They don't mind being honest."