Pizza man accused of making fake 'dough'

DOBBS FERRY (AP) -- A pizzeria owner has been accused of making his own dough, counterfeit money, in a room behind the oven. Police said Wednesday that they found $6,000 in fake bills, along with printing equipment and cutting devices, in a back office at The Brick Oven Pizza Shop, near the village Police Department.

Frank Donato, 39, of Dobbs Ferry, owner of the restaurant and an adjacent ice cream stand, was arrested Tuesday and charged with 16 counts of forgery. Sgt. Harold Young said in a statement that Donato had used the equipment "to print and subsequently distribute counterfeit United States currency."

Donato pleaded innocent at his arraignment and posted $7,500 bail on Wednesday, said his attorney, Bruce Bendish.

Bendish said the equipment seized was "what you'd consider standard equipment in any kind of business." He said he would need time to investigate the charges and expected the case to be adjourned on Thursday.

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The Associated Press and CBS News contributed to this report.