Veterans Glass City Skyway inspection shows bridge to be in good shape

Veterans Glass City Skyway inspection shows bridge to be in good shape

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - ODOT was out inspecting the I-280 Veterans Glass City Skyway Bridge on Tuesday.

They took a bucket truck up and over the side of the bridge, with members of the media in tow at a maximum distance of 62 feet to inspect the structural integrity.

The federal standard is to inspect bridges once every two years, but in Ohio, ODOT's standard is to inspect every bridge every year. This allows them to stay on top of minor issues before they become major issues.

"We are out here with our snooper truck and that allows us to get over the bridge and see under the structure. Especially great for high structures like this where we can't see it from the ground," said Rebecca Dangelo, Public Information Officer for ODOT District 2 in Northwest Ohio.

They were specifically looking for rusting, loose bearings or cracks that may be minor issues now, but could cause major problems in the future.

"Basically, they're looking for cracks, possibly in the concrete. Looking at the bearings because bridges do move forth with the hot and the cold, that could create a little bit of stress on the structure," Jim Jogerst, Bridge Specialist for the Ohio Department of Transportation explained.

The bridge is hollow underneath and there are catwalks to walk around so not only can crews look for damage, but it's easier to access trouble spots if something needs to be fixed. Those catwalks can also be accessed from above by ladders.

The Veteran's Glass City Skyway is one of the newer bridges in the city, and from Tuesday morning's inspections, appears to be in great shape.

"Actually, all our bridges are in really good shape here in District 2. It's something I think we can be proud of. So, no issues driving over the bridge, even though it's really tall. No issues. It might shake a little bit, but don't worry, it's fine," said Jogerst.

ODOT did find a couple minor wear spots, which is to be expected. Those issues will be added to a report and evaluated for repair.

When the inspection is complete, the bridge will receive a rating of 1 to 7. All of the bridges in our area have high ratings, and the outlook for the VGCS no different.

Following Tuesday's overview, ODOT sent a message that said, overall, the bridge is in good shape and there is nothing to be worried about.

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