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Seneca County wants to remind residents of wireless emergency notification system

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Seneca County officials want to remind their residents that there is a free way to get direct emergency alerts.

Since the first of July, Seneca County Emergency management has offered a notification system dor residents to receive alerts on their phone through email or text.

Residents can choose to see alerts from the County, the city of Tiffin and the city of Fostoria. They can also sign up for all three at once here

But after a few months, only 2,000 people have signed up which is only about five percent of the county's population.

That's why with the school year in full swing and winter a few months away, Seneca EMA wanted to remind people of the feature, to make sure everyone can be alerted to emergencies regardless of where they are. 

"We still do the news publications, we still do social media, we still fo weather forecasts on the radio. However, having that sent right to your email, right to your phone is a big plus for a lot of people who aren't always on social media or aren't always watching the news," said Adam Ingram with Seneca Emergency Management.

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