Indian Rhino finds new home at Toledo Zoo

Indian Rhino finds new home at Toledo Zoo

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - There is a new animal to check out at the Toledo Zoo.

A young Indian Rhino is now on display, having just arrived on Thursday.

The Toledo Zoos newest resident is named Aashish.

Aashish came to the Toledo Zoo from The Wilds in Cumberland, where he was born.

The move was recommended as part of a Species Survival plan. The Indian Rhinoceros is endangered.

His move is also a teaching opportunity for children about conservation.

The rhino is already about 3,500 pounds at just 3.5 years old.

The species can live into their 40's.

The animal's arrival is exciting for the zoo. The rhino exhibit has sat empty following the death of the aging white rhinos, formerly on exhibit.

The Indian rhino looks a little different that the white, with armored plates and only one horn; and this young guy will be pretty active.

"This is something I'm really excited that people will be able to see with their kids, who'll possibly be able to show their kids when they're older, so he's gonna be around for a long time and I'm really excited for people to come out and get as excited as we are," said Michael Frushour, Curator of Mammals.

Aashish is staying in the indoor exhibit until he's ready to make the move outside. The zoo thinks that will probably be in the next two weeks.

You can find Aashish along the Tembo trail.

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