City of Toledo Investigates swastika and racial slur

City of Toledo Investigates swastika and racial slur

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - The city of Toledo is investigating after a notepad found in a city vehicle was discovered containing a swastika and a racial slur.

We are told the vehicle use used by multiple employees.

"We respect each other in Toledo, we welcome all people, and we stand up for one another," said Toledo Mayor Wade Kapszukiewicz. "To say I condemn hate symbols like a swastika or racial slurs and anti-LGBT messages is an understatements. I abhor and detest such things. I am disgusted by what was found in a city truck. It is particularly troubling for all of us in city leadership that a swastika and racial slur was found written on a notepad in a city vehicle. We are investigating and rest assured, we will find out who did this and we will take strong action. Meanwhile, we will be talking to every employee in that city division about diversity training and sensitivity."

The city will develop a survey to assess work culture and how employees interact with each other.

"This needs to be investigated and I am glad that is happening," said Toledo Councilwoman Yvonne Harper. "We are taking this very seriously."

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