100-year-old shipwreck found in Lake Erie

100-year-old shipwreck found in Lake Erie
(Source: WTOL)

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - A 100-year-old shipwreck has been found at the bottom of Lake Erie.

The National Museum of the Great Lakes, together with Cleveland Underwater Explorers, announced the find as the wreckage of the Margaret Olwill.

The Margaret Olwill was a steam barge that sank off of Lorain in 1899. The two groups say this ship was long sought after.

The Olwill sank due to a severe nor'easter that claimed with lives of eight people, including the Captain, his wife and their son.

The NMGL and CLUE have collaborated to find multiple shipwrecks in Lake Erie, including the Argo, Anthony Wayne, Riverside, Cortland and Plymouth.

The discovery of the Argo in 2015 led to the largest federal cleanup of a historic shipwreck to date, as the ship still held much of its original toxic cargo when it was found.

Below is the full Shipwreck Discovery Report:

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