Hull Prairie Intermediate conducts safety drill

Hull Prairie Intermediate conducts safety drill

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Hull Prairie Intermediate in Perrysburg is making sure students and staff remain safe in the event of a hostile intruder.

The school held a safety drill Thursday.It was planned at the beginning of the school year and involved Perrysburg police and fire crews. Students ran through what's called a tabletop exercise.

"We invited several students down to the office, they walked back a scenario to their classrooms then they read that scenario out loud as they were walking back to their classrooms, Mr. Best the principal here, made an announcement that this is the beginning of our safety drill so all students knew it was a drill," said Kadee Anstadt, the school's assistant superintendent.

Hull Prairie Intermediate was built with safety in mind. The school building is new and includes windows with safety glass.

"They'll withstand the kinds of things that could happen to a school building, to any building," said Anstadt. "We don't share all of the security features because we don't want people to know all of the security features."

Visitors have to be buzzed into the main office once their inside the main office they have to be buzzed out to get into the school hallways. While there are no school resource officers on site, there is one at the high school.

Hull Prairie has what's called a DARE officer. That stands for Drug Abuse Resistance Education.

"He becomes that person in the police force that our students see as a friend." Anstadt said.

The safety drills are meant to get students thinking themselves, giving them the chance to decide what they would do in certain situations.

"The most important thing for us is to teach our students to become decision makers," said Anstadt.

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