Reaction to ProMedica's decision to enter into a transfer agreement with Toledo's last abortion clinic

Reaction to ProMedica's decision to enter into a transfer agreement with Toledo's last abortion clinic

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - On Monday, ProMedica Board of Trustees gave the "green light" for ProMedica Toledo Hospital to enter into a transfer agreement with Capital Care Network, the remaining abortion clinic in Toledo.

Talking to advocates from both sides of this issue proved there is one thing everyone agrees on, transfer orders in the case of an emergency from an outpatient abortion clinic is rare.

Some feeling it is more of a political move than one aimed to protect the health of women.

"Just saying, we will continue to provide this care whatever we are legally required," Kristin Hady, has volunteered at Capital Care Network for four years said. "It makes a lot more sense that they signed it and then can leave the legislating to everybody else."

Five years ago, Governor John Kasich signed into law a requirement that centers performing abortions must have a signed transfer agreement with an area hospital in the case of an emergency.

State Representative Teresa Fedor says ProMedica was put under a lot of pressure.

"They're having to deal with politicians wanting to be the doctor," Representative Fedor said. "And ProMedica did the right thing. They agreed to have a transfer agreement."

The Executive Director of Foundation for life says ProMedica's decision makes a statement to the community.

"For ProMedica to put its name in association and partner with this clinic is foolishness, it's foolishness," Ed Sitter, Executive Director of the Foundation for Life explained.

Sitter says he does not understand why ProMedica did not sign an agreement back in 2013 when, at the time, Capital Care did not have one.

"What's happened is the mob in its hysteria has threatened and bullied ProMedica and the board members to give them this transfer agreement," Sitter said.

"ProMedica is doing the right thing by signing this agreement and they are not taking a side," Hady said.

ProMedica did not wish to comment further about this announcement, but their statement says, "our belief is that no one is beyond the reach of life-saving health care."

Representative Fedor says this decision means ProMedica is more concerned with delivering care to the community than taking a side.

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