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Police seize multiple guns from home after men fire shots on New Year's Eve

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Toledo police were called to the scene of shots being fired on New Year's Eve.

The shooting occurred at a home on the 1100 block of Fernwood Avenue around 11 p.m.

When police arrived at the home, they saw two men at the back of the house. One of the men was firing an AR rifle into the air. 

Police detained both men by gunpoint until more officers arrived. Police say they also saw a third man, who was also armed, come out of the home.

Police say when they called out to the man, the man ran back inside the house. 

Police searched the house and found an AK47 with a 50-round drum magazine, a shotgun and four handguns in the home. Police say one of the handguns had been reported stolen from a vehicle last March. 

Police say they also found cocaine and other drugs out in plain sight. 

Homeowner Stephen Garrett was charged with weapons under disability, trafficking and possession of drugs and permitting drug abuse.

Police say P-Air Jones was also charged with firearms discharge restricted.

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