Islamic Center hosts refugees, immigrants for Thanksgiving potluck

Islamic Center hosts refugees, immigrants for Thanksgiving potluck

. - It was an early and very special holiday celebration Saturday night at the Islamic Center of Greater Toledo in Perrysburg.

The center hosted a Thanksgiving Together Potluck for local immigr ants and refugees.

Thirteen countries from the Arabic world were represented as well as non-Arabic countries.

Everybody brought a dish from their native homeland for the 200 people who came to dinner.

"I like the people here. The American people' said Iraqi refugee Nashwan Saadoon.

Syrian refugee Mohammad Alzubaani had other reasons to be thankful.

"I hope to live in safety actually, far from the war," said Mohammad.

The event was sponsored and organized by Social Services for the Arab Community.

The group helps immigr ants and refugees become self-sufficient and contributing members to the Toledo area community.

"It's important Toledo stays strong as a community and get to know each other. Everybody can get to know their neighbors, have a good time. It all starts with food," said Shane Lakatos of Social Services For The Arab Community.

At this Thanksgiving feast there were no leftovers to take home.

It wasn't long before all the food was gone, a sign that breaking bread with one another can break down barriers between one another.

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