City of Findlay recovers from Sunday's storm

FINDLAY, OH (WTOL) - The city of Findlay spent the day cleaning up after yesterdays storms, especially areas along Trenton Avenue.

At Findlay High School the damage was so bad that the National Weather Service surveyed the area to see if it was caused by a possible tornado.

"It was big, noisy, I heard a roar and the way it went through my yard and just demolished a tree," said Deborah Jeffery, a Findlay resident.

Jeffery said she couldn't believe the damage done to her neighborhood following Sunday's storm. All around her she could see a roof damaged, siding ripped off, lawns littered with debris, and worst of all her new car smashed by a fallen tree.

"I just got it about a week ago, I haven't even made my first payment yet," she said.

The National Weather Service checked out the area Monday morning as multiple buildings received severe damage.

Ger's Mongolian Grill had all of it's windows smashed out and the local Ralphies front facade was torn off.

But the biggest impacted was the high school.

Dozens of windows were shattered, HVAC units displaced, the school greenhouse was crushed and an athletic field light fixture smashed into the Millstream Career Center. All of the damaged resulted in the entire district to cancel school Monday.

"For Safety. We didn't have power in two or three of our other buildings until about 10 or 11 o'clock today. So, in the best interest of the safety of the children, we're going to evaluate the situation with all of our buildings today and hopefully be back in session tomorrow," said ED Kurt: Findlay City School's Superintendent.

As folks cleaned up as much as they could, the city announced it was extending the Green Waste drop off hours for people to take downed limbs and branches.

"We're going to spend the next couple of days just focusing on the right of way. And then we are going to work with other individuals across the city who have been impacted. And we're asking them to pull their debris closer to the street so that we can get it in the next couple of weeks," said Findlay's mayor, Lydia Mihalik.

Findlay City Schools announced that all schools, including the damaged high school, will be open Tuesday.

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