Couple holds wedding on Friday the 13th Fremont's Haunted Hydro

Couple holds wedding on Friday the 13th Fremont's Haunted Hydro
(Source: WTOL)
(Source: WTOL)

FREMONT, OH (WTOL) - Friday the 13th is usually a day known for fear and bad luck, but for one local couple, it now symbolizes love, and marriage.

The Nagy's first act as a married couple was to enter the Haunted Hydro together before tackling forever.

Anna and Michael met online and have been dating for five years. But Friday, in front of their six-month-old daughter, family, friends and "Undead Elvis," they tied the knot at the Haunted Hydro on Friday the 13th. Some thought they were crazy.

"I got a lot of, 'Are you sure?'" said Anna Nagy.

"'Do you want to stay married that's bad luck?'" added Michael her new husband. "So let's break some traditions and have some good luck on a typically unlucky day."

The couple says they've always loved Halloween and horror, so to incorporating it into their wedding was natural.

Guests got into the fun too and agreed it was exactly what they expected from the newlyweds.

"This is going to be a wedding that people are going to tell their friends about not like oh I went to a wedding and the food sucked or I got super drunk," said Michael. "It's going to be like I went to a wedding at the Haunted Hydro and it was awesome."

"This is the coolest thing and the coolest wedding that I think we've ever been too," said friend of both bride and groom Jenn Ray.

"And ours was pretty cool and they topped that," added Jenn's husband Tony Ray.

This is the first Friday the 13th wedding at the haunted park.

"We say come down and experience the hydro, well having a wedding here is a completely different experience, but we think they'll enjoy it and have a good time," said Casey Heath, the Haunted Hydro park manager.

After the Nagy's first kiss, guests could enter the hydro for a fright night in the dark. The newlywed's say the day went just how they imagined.

"It's just been great, it's been an awesome day, of course with stress, but it's going to end a lot better," said Anna Nagy.

"We're ready to party," Michael added.

The couple couldn't leave without some advice from a famous undead face.

"Have a hunka, hunka burning time together," Undead Elvis, the officiant, also known as Julie Barnes said. "You honeymooners are going to have a great night."

The Haunted Hydro in Fremont is open through Halloween with several escape rooms, Hydro two large scale haunted experiences, and more. To find out when you can visit their website.

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