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Company employs developmentally disabled to re-purpose traffic signs, cones

(Source: WTOL) (Source: WTOL)

Quincy and Shawn are two of the men who work on the thousands of orange barrels, traffic cones and street signs seen around the city.

As speed limits change and traffic barrels and cones go through a lot of damage, all are re-purposed for use throughout the state.

At Lott Industries, the people who do the job are just as important as the job itself. 

"Our employees are developmentally disabled," said Chief Operations Manager Ken Ball. "So we come to work each to serve them to reach their highest sustainable goal. You'll see people who are happy they're working. People are happy to show you their work. Happy about what they accomplish each day and it's uplifting to us to serve them."

Ball says Lott Industries is the second happiest place in the world, behind Disney, of course.

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