Mud Hens join in the fight against the heroin epidemic

Mud Hens join in the fight against the heroin epidemic

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Team Recovery has formed a partnership with the Toledo Mud Hens to strike out the heroin epidemic that has spread throughout the area.

Hensville hosted the panel discussion, "Hens vs. Heroin," where leaders from DART and the Sheriff's Office were available to engage in conversation.

The event brought resources to neighbors and raised money from Thursday night's game to help Team Recovery's fight against the epidemic.

People who attended the event spoke about a variety of concerns including where to get information for themselves or how to help loved ones through addiction.

The president of Team Recovery, Matt Bell, encouraged neighbors to ask the uncomfortable questions because he said it's time to start talk about it.

"People that are out there still struggling are being confused with a lot of different treatment solutions and different programs and I want people to know there is a solutions that's out there that's been around since the '30's, it's a 12 step solution, it's free, it's abstinence based, and you can recover and not only recover but have a beautiful life in recovery," said Bell.

After the game Team Recovery said one of its own will perform a free concert for all who attended the event.

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