Waterville man wins 'The Price is Right'

Waterville man wins 'The Price is Right'

WATERVILLE, OH (WTOL) - A local man not only competed on the 'Price is Right,' but came home a winner.

Jacob Mattoni of Waterville won the Showcase Showdown, but has been keeping it a secret until Thursday when the episode officially aired.

'It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do honestly," said Mattoni. "I signed a contract saying I couldn't tell anybody and it's like the biggest thing that's happened in my life so far."

But you have to tell someone if you just once 'The Price Is Right.' That someone was his mother.

"He says, 'I won.' I said, 'No you didn't,' He said, 'I did!' It kept going back and forth," Renee Mattoni explained. "And I said, 'Prove it.'"

Mattoni sent her a list of his winnings which included, a 2017 Honda Fit, a four-wheeler, a trip to Yosemite, an exercise bike and some fit bits. In all, his winnings equaled over $28,000.

Mattoni said he has not received his winnings yet. He also has not decided what to do with them.

"I might be selling it all, I don't know," Mattoni said with a laugh.

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