Neighborhood threatens to detach from city without road repairs

Neighborhood threatens to detach from city without road repairs

ROSSFORD, OH (WTOL) - A lot of people are fed up with the roads in the area, but one neighborhood is taking it to new heights and calling for action.

The Eagle Point Colony is one the largest and oldest neighborhoods in the City of Rossford.

Right now, a ride though Rossford's Eagle Point Colony is pretty bumpy and neighbors say it's unsafe.

"People have stopped riding their bikes in the colony," said Don Leary, president of the Eagle Point Colony Association. "It's just too dangerous. It's gotten to be a health safety and welfare issue."

"You're taking a chance driving in the city because you are taking a chance on wrecking your axle or tires and things like that," explained Gerry Anthony, a resident of the Colony for more than 20 years.

Rather than just sit idly by, neighbors went to the city for action.

They're proposing ways for the administration to get the needed $3 million to fix the 2.2 miles of road.

"We've been paying income tax, we've been paying property tax and we feel it's our turn to have our roads paved," said Leary.

Rossford has about 30 miles of roadway, to fix all of it would cost about $24 million.

The city says they have a 5-year plan for the work, but are figuring out how to finance that plan.

The Colony, however, wants the work started by next spring or they will explore other options like detaching from the city and becoming a part of Perrysburg Township.

"It doesn't make sense, it's the wrong course of action," said Neil Mackinnon III, Mayor of Rossford. "It doesn't help, it brings negativity and I think any talk of detachment is foolish in my option."

Not all agree on the detachment option, but most do want to see Rossford's roads addressed and fixed.

"We're pretty certain we're going to get roads next year and we're going to keep pushing for that," said Don Leary of the Colony's future.

"What I'd like to see happen is the city stick to the plan that they had five, six years ago," said Gerry Anthony. "Where they were taking different neighborhoods, and repaving them and making them more drivable and walkable."

"My job is to fix all the streets in Rossford, not for just one neighborhood," said Mayor MacKinnon.

The neighborhood association did give Rossford's City Council a deadline of November 15th before they start seeking other options.

City Council will meet Monday to discuss the funding options available to them.

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