Toledo working to demolish 2,000 abandoned homes by 2020

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - Vacant homes are considered a major nuisance in Toledo and that is why the city is getting proactive about the issue.

When a vacant home is identified in a neighborhood, neighbors are encouraged to call the city. Within two weeks of receiving the call, Toledo's objective is have the issue resolved.

Once the vacant property is located and identified, the city works to find the owner and then tries to determine if the land bank can acquire it. If it can be acquired, the property can be torn down with grant funding. If the property cannot be acquired, Toledo then tries to see if it can qualify for emergency demolition if there is funding available.

The average cost to demolish a home is around $10,000 while commercial properties are usually priced around six figures.

With its partnership with the land bank, Toledo tore down a total of 489 homes last year. By 2020, Toledo is looking to have a total of 2,000 homes demolished.

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