Family welcomes twins while dad is deployed overseas

Family welcomes twins while dad is deployed overseas

TOLEDO, OH (WTOL) - In January, Joy McNutt from Walbridge said goodbye to her husband as he deployed overseas with the Ohio National Guard. The next time they see each other in person they will be a family of four.

Their story is one of service and sacrifice. Gregory McNutt joined the Ohio National Guard a little more than a year ago.

Just weeks after returning from basic training, Greg was told he would be deployed overseas. That was after he and his wife of four years, Joy, learned they were pregnant with twins.

At nineteen weeks, Joy and Greg were at one of their doctor appointments. There, they learned they wouldn't have just their first baby, but rather two, twins.

"Everyone at work, at his work and at my work along with our family members had been joking around about us having twins because I got big so quickly," explained Joy McNutt. "But we just kind of looked at each other and laughed. Our ultrasound tech was like you guys are so calm right now. I was like well, it is what it is."

They quickly began planning. From names to how they would handle two babies all while Greg was deployed overseas for nearly a year. Joy says it hasn't been easy, but she has a lot of help from family and is extremely proud of her husband's service.

"You know it's something that he thinks is very important," said Joy. "And you know I'm very proud of him for everything he is doing and I know it is very hard."

On Easter Sunday, just one minute apart, Joy and Greg welcomed their twin boys, Henry James and Oliver Allen. Greg was unable to make it home for the birth, but Joy says he was able to relive the moment thanks to technology. They later spoke on the phone as a family of four.

"Finally I was able to tell him on the phone, I was like guess what honey?" said Joy. "Two boys, what should we name them? And we had picked out Henry's name first and so we had to decide and he goes just you pick and so that's how Oliver came."

Joy says she sends him pictures and videos of the boys daily and he's starting to be able to tell the two apart, but she's got big hopes for his return to Northwest Ohio.

"Well first off, get Greg home and then from there he's on diaper duty," Joy joked.

Joy says beyond some of the sleepless nights all three are happy and healthy and excited to meet and see their dad hopefully before Christmas.

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