2018 YMCA National Gymnastics Championships to be held in Toledo

2018 YMCA National Gymnastics Championships to be held in Toledo

PERRYSBURG, OH (WTOL) - Downtown Toledo will get a big boost to the economy next summer because of the hard work going on in Perrysburg.

The YMCA Gymnastics Center in Perrysburg found out they will host the YMCA National Gymnastics Championships in June of 2018.

The four-day competition will be held at the SeaGate Center in downtown Toledo like it was in 2011.

The reason is the championships need space for four gyms plus a gym for the male competitors.

The 2018 competition will be the fifth time the local YMCA gymnastics team won the bid to host the big event.

"Toledo has actually been a very favorite location because of our central location in the Midwest, and it is very drivable," said Casey Koenig, director of YMCA Gymnastics Center. "There's a lot for families to do who come here. Plus the fact that our group puts on a great event."

Hosting the championships is expected to bring in millions of dollars to Toledo's economy.

City Councilman Tom Waniewski said it is great news and it is a chance to continue to show of the Glass City.

Funds raised from hosting the nationals will go back to gymnasts, who are paying for much of the equipment they use.

But Koeing said while the competition is a great way to show off Toledo to those around the country, the Gymcats also want to defend their turf.

"Every time we go to nationals, all across the country, they're like, 'Oh there go the Gymcats," Koeing said. "They walk a little taller, they get really excited."

Planning meetings are already underway. The YMCA may work with the Mud Hens for the opening ceremonies downtown.

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