Family trapped in LA floods now back home safely in Sandusky

Family trapped in LA floods now back home safely in Sandusky

SANDUSKY, OH (WTOL) - Happy, safe, brave, grateful and thankful. The Seavers family is back home in Sandusky, Ohio. The family of six was stranded in the Louisiana flood.

They found refuge in a stranger's home with 20 other people for nearly a week. These strangers are now their guardian angels.

"Worldly possessions can be replaced," said Brittany Seavers. "But our lives can't."

The car the Seavers drove down to Louisiana in was totaled by the flood waters. Now left smelling of mold and sewage, it sits in their driveway as a constant reminder of the nightmare this family went through.

"Well my daughter she's six and my son is eight" said Seavers said. "So he understood it a lot more, so it was more of an emotional roller coaster for him. I just told them and tried to comfort them and let them know it's going to be fine. But at the same time in the back of my head it's like are we really going to make it out of here?"

But they did, packing eight deep into a truck, towing their water logged car back to Sandusky.

"On the way to the re-pass we got bogged down in the mud," said Seavers. "I call it quick sand. We were stuck. The truck got stuck. The fire department had to come and pull us out. It basically took us 24 hours to get home."

On Sunday morning Brittany got a call from a local dealership.

"He said they had a couple of cars that we could choose from and that he was pretty sure we could make a deal that I could drive away with a car that day, and we did," said Seavers.

She was able to drive off of the lot in her new car and still made it in time for church.

After missing the first week of school, the two youngest children were very excited to start school on Monday. They said their friends and teacher were happy to see them.

The family would like to thank everyone who has donates and helped them get back home. They are now asking folks to shift their donations to the flood victims in Louisiana.

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