Toledo Fire and Rescue crews prepare for possible Ebola cases

TOLEDO, OH (Toledo News Now) - If an Ebola case does occur in Toledo the first to respond would be the city's fire and rescue crews, making them the first to come into contact with the patient.

The Toledo Fire Department always has an infection policy in place but now that there is an increasing possibility their crews could come in contact with a virus like Ebola, the chief and his staff are reviewing their current policy and determining if anything needs to be changed or added.

The rigs are already equipped with glasses and masks but now the department is looking to add full face shields and gowns in case of an Ebola case.

“We're moving in that direction, we are in the business of emergency preparedness so we're always planning ahead to make sure we are one step ahead,” said Toledo Firefighter Butch Rahe.

Right now, crews at the firehouses are studying up on their infection policies so they can be prepared for the worst.

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