Ohio pumpkins make Halloween special

OREGON, OH (Toledo News Now) - It's going to be a bumper crop for Ohio pumpkin growers.

Perfect growing conditions will make the Halloween season special.

And fall is always special at Fleitz's Pumpkin Farm in Oregon.

Thousands make a trip here every year searching for that perfect pumpkin to carve.

"Smoothness. Big and round," said shopper Melissa Pollauf.

Ohio is a major pumpkin producer, ranking third in the country in both acres and pumpkins produced in 2013.

Illinois grows about half of the nation's pumpkins.

The vast majority of pumpkins are grown for processing but most grown in Ohio end up as Halloween jack-o-lanterns.

"Oh the shape. Nice and round," is the kind of pumpkin Karen Miler likes.

So does Russ McWilliams.

"Round. Got to get a nice round one," said Mr. McWilliams.

Pumpkins across Ohio fields have been plumped by moderate temperatures and just enough sun and rain in August and September.

There should be no shortage of the big orange fruit.

"Well, a lot of times you get a heavy rain, four-five inches. They're standing in water. It's pretty rough on them. We didn't seem to have that this year," said grower Paul Fleitz.

Pumpkin patch prices are reasonable too.

Expect to spend $4.00 for one the size of a basketball at Fleitz's.

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