Fostoria Police respond to purge threats online

FOSTORIA, OH (Toledo News Now) - Fostoria Police put an end to a possible purge event in their area after 23-year-old Andrew Wright put threats of a purge online.

The purge event comes from the popular movie Purge where all crime is deemed legal for one night.

Police charged Wright with inducing panic and he is now spending the next 15 days in jail and will be on probation for two years.

Eight days ago a concerned resident called police and brought the Facebook posts to their attention.

The event titled Fostoria Purge Night called on all invited to come together in a night of killing and gang rape.

After Police tracked down Wright as the original host of the event they turned over the investigation to the Seneca County Prosecutors Office to make sure this posting was not protected by the first amendment.

Fostoria Police Chief Keith Loreno says they then received the go ahead to charge Andrew Wright with inducing panic.

"It wasn't a matter of someone disagreeing with government operations or disagreeing with opinions," said Loreno. "This was very specific to endanger people in our community and that's the big issue. People have to have a responsibility to pay attention to what they are posting."

Police did not charge any of the other people who were active on the Facebook event.

Fostoria Police would not give details on where or when the event was supposed to take place and it appears the Facebook event post has been taken down.

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