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Perrysburg students learn new tool to fight bullying

PERRYSBURG, OH (Toledo News Now) -

Bullies plague almost every school, but in Perrysburg, students are learning new tools on how to stand up to them.

Toth Elementary School students are learning to speak up, be more tolerant and stop bullying.

"Even if you're just standing there doing nothing, you're still part of the problem. You're not making things any better for you and the bully," said Katelyn Petrie, a fourth grader.

Teachers meet with students once a week to check in and teach them the importance of empathy, as well as how to stand up for others in order to make sure they don't fall victim to bullies - or become one.

"If you're a bystander and you just watch, it makes the bully feel more powerful," said 9-year-old Maisy Stevenson.

During a special presentation, students learned bystanders control the situation, and now they know what to do.

"To go get an adult or stand up to that person," explained Zoey Ledyard.

Teachers say students are more aware of the problem and now they're speaking up.

"Try to make other people help you," said Katelyn.

Teachers want children to know school is a safe haven.

"[School is] secure and safe, and where the kids can come and learn. And know that their teachers and their peers are going to take care of them," said Adrienne Vaughan, a third-grade teacher.

It's a lesson that hasn't been lost on these bright-eyed students.

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