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Day 1 under Affordable Care Act

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ManyAmericans are still wondering if signing up for health insurance under theAffordable Care Act will be a good fit for their families.

Underthe new program, people say the thing they are most excited about is theability to choose the program that best suits their family's needs.

StartingTuesday, 1.4 million Ohioans are eligible to sign up for health insurance underthe Affordable Care Act. Of those, 71 percent have full-time jobs, but nohealth insurance.

KimKensler is one of them. She's been without insurance for 10 years.

"Tohave the opportunity to choose it is huge," Kensler said. "To select what Iwant and what I need."

Localhealth officials broke the issues down for people during a press conference.Within the next week, 30 employees will be hired at the Neighborhood HealthAssociation (NHA). The navigators will help people understand which option isbest for them.

"Thepeople that are designed to assist people with the enrollment processes are notavailable, but we are hopefully that they will be available by the end of thismonth," said Doni Miller, CEO of the NHA.

Whilenot everyone is in favor of the new law, people who have been scraping bywithout insurance say they now have peace of mind.

"Peaceof mind, and the ability to take care of a few minor health issues before theybecome serious," Kensler said.

Clickhere for more information on how to enroll under the Affordable Care Act.

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