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Does it Work: Mighty Light

(Toledo News Now) - Mighty Light is a motion light that promises a lot of brightness in a tiny $10 gadget, but Does it Work?

Hays Hendricks walked through a pitch black storage room in her basement and immediately the Mighty Light turned on. It remained on for about a minute, which Hays said was plenty of time to fumble around for the light switch.

She then put it at the foot of a staircase to see just how bright Mighty Light would shine.  Unfortunately, it did not illuminate the entire stairwell. Hendricks said you would want to put a tiny Mighty Light at the top and bottom of a staircase if you really wanted to have motion lights in place.

Still, she thinks it would be handy and likes the $10 price tag.

"I think you need to use it in small spaces, but yes, it's plenty bright for that, at least. I think it's affordable and seems to live up to its promises," said Hendricks.

Mighty Light runs on a one-minute cycle. Hendricks also noticed the area needs to be pitch black to get it to work properly. If there is a lot of light, Mighty Light will not sense motion and will not turn on.

Mighty Light is mighty enough to earn a "B+" on this Does it Work test. It can be purchased at Walmart.

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